We believe everyone can be inspired to become better versions of themselves. Business can grow, lives can be enriched and everyone can achieve greater rewards through better communication.

Natural Habits had its origins, like many good ideas, in a road trip. My good friend David Mackenzie and I were sharing a car during a photography workshop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

With the Tetons as our backdrop, we spent lots of time in conversation as we drove to various locations and as happens when conversation flows, ideas were born.

We talked about our experiences in business and sales and we shared our frustrations as buyers, when we were not able to get the information we needed to make proper decisions.

We realized we could inspire people to challenge what they do today, so they can be better tomorrow.

I am often asked – “what makes a good communicator?”  It starts with being a good listener. When we listen with our ears, we understand the words; when we listen with our minds, we understand the message. When we share an understanding of the message, we can develop empathy and empathy leads to trust.

We knew we could help people become enriched and fulfilled by the work they do, and the lives they lead if they could harness their own natural skills to become better.

Imagine how it would be if you were a little bit better today than you were yesterday and you could be a little bit better tomorrow than you are today. Imagine if everyone on your team or in your family was also inspired the same way. How powerful would that be?

We don’t teach tricks or gimmicks or formulas. We help you harness skills you already possess, regardless of your personality type, and turn them into natural habits to help you become better, enriched and more fulfilled.

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