Communication Coaching

We believe in fostering a culture of understanding, empathy and trust through superior communication. Trust is where the magic happens.

 Natural Habits Communication Coaching includes:

Professional Sales Training

We believe CONNECTIONS DRIVE SALES.  We believe  in challenging accepted thinking about the sales process and empowering people to succeed.  

The Natural Habits coaching platform harnesses the power of Preparation, Positioning and Presentation to maximize the meaningful contacts with customers, driving sales up and giving fulfilment and satisfaction to everyone.

Our platform is simple – anyone can be a great seller. Rather than using gimmicks, tricks or buzz words, we focus on building relationships using understanding, empathy and trust with customers to build loyalty, not just repeat business.

What you will discover:

  • How to open more sales
  • The importance of communication to share understanding and build trust
  • The sales cycle using Preparation, Positioning and Presentation – the process never ends
  • The Customer Chart.  Where is your focus?
  • Understanding customer’s motivation points
  • The critical importance of “thoughtful questions and active listening”
  • The importance of authenticity – being yourself

Communication Skills Coaching

It’s all about Delivery and Understanding of the Message

In the modern business environment, with an increasing dependence on electronic communication and fingers poised over the delete button, it is imperative that our communications are professional, accurate and effective.

We want our communications to be actioned by the receiver straight away, not consigned to the “to do later” file or worse, the trash.

What you will learn:

  • Different forms of communication.
  • Which forms are appropriate for different purposes.
  • The importance of understanding the message.
  • Business communications are a direct reflection of yourself and/or your company.

Professional Presentation Skills

We believe in the importance of communication to effectively deliver a message to your audience.

Whether you still get nervous in presentations or walk in like a seasoned professional – there’s always room for improvement.  We will help every area of your presentation…

Effective, champion public speakers and presenters are the exception.  We can help you stand out from the rest.

What you will learn:

  • To overcome the fear of public speaking.
  • Utilize Preparation, Positioning and Presentation to deliver powerful, effective and memorable presentations.
  • Leave your audience with a clear understanding of your message
  • Enjoy the experience

Natural Habits Sales Coaching – Case Study

In 2016, we were invited into a sales organization which was doing reasonably well but not consistently hitting their targets. They were led by a highly energetic, inspirational sales manager willing to look in new directions in his desire to improve performance. The team also had some stellar performers who excelled but still desired to improve.
The sales manager realized that if he could lift everyone in his team to the level of his star performers, the whole team would enjoy far greater success. We were given a day with the team in their training room.
As preparation for the exercise, we asked each of the participants to provide three case studies:
• Successfully won sales
• Sales which had been lost
• Sales which were pending but stalled
We discussed the importance of the “equals sign” in communication, particularly as it relates to the sales process, in building understanding, empathy and trust. We also “workshopped” all their case studies, celebrating their successes and examining the more difficult and “lost” cases. As a result, 7 of 10 sales thought to be lost were revisited after the workshop and brought to a successful outcome. We were also able to find some new ways to approach some of the stalled sales, to get them going again.
The team left the day energized and brimming with ideas to improve their successes. Most of them praised the session as “a great way to get back to the basics of communication”.

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