Copper is the X.25 of the voice world. (Remember X.25? Shudder)

 POTS, PRI and other connection types are going away. Not only can you not order new services on copper, you also will have a really sticky time getting support from the carriers, beginning…well, now.

 Some years ago, the carriers began increasing the monthly cost of copper services: analog POTS, PRI and others. They did this to incent companies to change to other services such as fiber and VoIP. But so many companies fall into the complacency trap; that if it’s not nonfunctional, they don’t notice it. So the accounts payable folks keep paying the bills and no one is watching the quiet explosion of cost.

 We’re seeing now that carriers simply won’t accept orders for copper lines any longer. If you already have POTS/PRI and DSL services, they won’t put them under contract to control your cost.

 So it’s time to evaluate, audit, replace, optimize, streamline. You don’t want to wait until it breaks, and it will.

 Oh, and save a great deal of money in the process of eliminating those headaches.

 We’ve established a simple, clean process that takes that off of your plate, enabling your staff to do the IT stuff they love to do. When we’re done, you’ll not only be fit and ready to race, you’ll have a tidy, cost effective and optimized technology platform that you can manage yourself.

 If you’d like to; or we can keep it tidy for you.

 We have more than 35 years experience under our belt doing exactly that. Ready to help, when you’re ready.