IT & Telecommunication Services

We are in the Digital Information Age.

Telecommunication is critical to business, now more than ever.  The telecom landscape has changed dramatically in recent years from traditional landline voice devices to a complex mix of landlines, cellular, data, internet, cloud storage and more.  Our communication options in this new digital age have never been broader.

Why work with us?

With over 33 years in the telecom industry, and over 20 years as telecom consultants, we bring our expertise to you, to allow you to focus on your core genius.

Here’s how we can help you

Telecom Expense Audit & Cost Reduction:

Identify and eliminate areas of waste, obsolete technology, billing errors and uncompetitive billing rates leading to immediate, direct savings for our clients.

  • We create an inventory of existing equipment and charges
  • We conduct billing Audit to identify errors and out of contract services
  • We recommend cost reduction options
  • We Project Manage implementation of above measures – submit credit applications, disconnect unwanted services and negotiate more competitive service plans.
  • We Project Manage migration to Cloud based telecommunications – providing more savings


Technology Upgrade:

Moving to an internet-based phone and communication system (UCaaS) can lead to substantial cost savings while offering the benefits of a multidimensional communication system.  Per FCC, Traditional phone lines and services are expected to be unavailable by mid 2022 (FCC Forbearance order: 19-72A1).


  • We can help you prepare for the coming sundowning of analog phone lines
  • We manage migration from traditional telephony services to new technology
  • We have implementation experience –  over 6,000 UCaaS endpoints deployed so far
  • We can help select the right UCaaS platform 
  • We manage Cloud based communication technology

Strategic Planning & IT Consulting:

Helping clients achieve the best value from their Telecom and IT investments.

  • Technology refresh– we can recommend and deploy technology solutions which are more cost effective and provide greater efficiency.
  • Contract review– we will review your current vendor contracts to identify opportunities to refresh or evaluate competitors, often resulting in a more cost effective solution.
  • IT & Telecommunications Management– we can be your Telecom and IT Managers, negotiating contracts, managing vendors and monitoring expenditure.

Mobility Device Management:

Keeping track of your mobility devices (cell phones and tablets) can prevent waste and unwanted extra charges.

  • Monitor Service Provider plans and contracts
  • Conduct zero use analysis to identify redundant devices
  • Implement/monitor Mobility Device Management Programs
  • Monitor cellphone, tablet and wireless router data consumption to detect unauthorized use
  • Monitor device reallocation with staff turnover
  • Optimize device allocation – recycling numbers where ever possible

We are independent and work with our clients to achieve the best outcomes for them, allowing them to keep all the savings we identify. We do not take commissions or rebates from vendors or service providers.  We also work with trusted technology partners where appropriate to bring you the best results.

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