The Telecom Challenge


Do you know how much you are paying for your telecom?

Are you paying for telecom services you are not using?

Are you paying too much for telecom services you already have?

Can you afford to ignore this expenditure waste?

Linda Talks Telecom



We are uniquely qualified to help you.

Why? Because for many years, we have worked for suppliers and consumers of telecom products and services.

We know both sides very well. Very few consultants can offer that experience.

The Challenge


Many companies don’t realize they have a problem because there’s typically not a sole owner of their telecom management.

Telecom responsibility is often shared between:


  • Technology Management/IT which orders the service or device
  • HR and/or department head who determines where the devices will be deployed
  • Accounts Payable which pays the recurring charges.

It is the customer’s responsibility to monitor their billing for excesses and errors. That’s where we come in.

Example:  A new employee starts at your firm.  They need a mobile device.  The device is deployed and the monthly recurring and usage charges are paid by Accounts Payable.

The employee then leaves the company.  The device is returned (hopefully) and if not redeployed, is no longer in use.  It is still incurring monthly charges.  The bulk bill is still paid by Accounts Payable, including charges for the departed employee’s device. 

Or, worse, the device may be cancelled while in contract with the carrier, without consideration of an Early Termination Fee which is then applied. 

A new employee is hired to fill the open position. They are issued a new mobile device as part of the onboarding process. And so it continues.  

The carrier does not bring this situation to their customer’s attention because most carriers do not employ processes to audit customers’ bills for zero use. 

It’s Not Your Fault


Conversations that may never happen:

  • Carrier calls to say “we think you are spending too much on our services”
  • “We’re looking at your data pooling and we think it is the wrong size for the users in your plan”
  • “We see you have a number of unused devices, let us help you eliminate them”


Carriers continuously update their plans to keep pace with their competition, offering better deals to gain new customers but rarely do they notify existing customers that there are less expensive plans that they could take advantage of.

Can you afford to have a full time person allocated to managing this situation?  It’s simply not justifiable.  Once Natural Habits fixes the situation properly – you may only need periodic reviews quarterly or as required.



You Could be a Good Fit for Natural Habits if:


  • You have multiple locations across the country
  • Your telecom carrier contracts have not been reviewed in the last 6 months
  • You have different stakeholders involved in your telecom environment
  • You still have copper phone/data lines in place
  • You don’t know where your mobile devices are and what they are costing you
  • You want to save money on telecom.

The Natural Habits Solution:


Our approach:

  • Conduct a full audit of existing service contracts, plans and devices; establish an accurate inventory.
  • Identify unused devices/services for cancelation or conversion to avoid early termination fees.
  • Identify billing errors and negotiate with carriers for corrections and credits
  • Optimize remaining devices and service plans to ensure they are billed at the most competitive rates available; negotiating better contracts if possible.

Why Natural Habits?


We have over 35 years’ experience in telecom contracting and auditing, saving companies many hundreds of thousands of dollars along the way.  We know what to look for.

Do you have anyone in your organization who has that sort of experience, or the time to devote to the project?  We can do the heavy lifting for you.

So, why choose us?

  • We are here to help you protect and improve your bottom line.
  • We are not a 1 size fits all service. We tailor what we do with what you need.
  • We charge a simple fee for service. We do not accept commissions from any suppliers we might recommend.
  • We can often optimize your telecom and reduce your costs without changing suppliers.
  • We have no lock in, long term contracts.
  • Our experience helps you, affordably and with no liability.

We work with trusted technology partners where appropriate to bring you the best results.

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