We just cut $400,000 a year in operating expense for a client.  With multiple locations across the US, telecom is a large expense for them, with both land based phone and data lines, and multiple wireless devices for their work-at-home fleet.

Our objective was to manage an upgrade of their telephony landscape to a more efficient system and to identify cost reduction opportunities where possible.

The first task was to conduct an analysis of their current position to identify the number of devices, landline/data lines and carrier contracts, in order to produce a comprehensive inventory.

The next step was to evaluate the existing services to identify phone lines no longer needed and data services on obsolete plans, thereby eliminating waste and starting with a “clean slate”.

We know that traditional, and very expensive “POTS” lines are being phased out so migrating their landline phone services to Cloud based Voice over IP was required, meshing their entire enterprise’s phone systems into one.

Working with technology partners and coordinating with company staff, the process was completed, location by location over a 6 month period.  This has resulted in immediate savings to our client because Cloud based systems can be up to 70% less expensive than traditional “POTS” lines while providing a feature-rich communication system with phone calls, video conferencing, file sharing, messaging and more.

Next, we focused on their mobility devices.  Our detailed analysis uncovered hundreds of devices which were unused, but which were being billed by the carriers (“zero use”). By carefully manipulating the contracts on those devices, and cancelling these services, more savings were achieved without early termination fees.

As this project is concluding, we conducted a comparison of the total phone expenditure from the last month with the same time last year, showing savings of more than $33,000 per month.  That’s almost $400,000 a year going straight to the bottom line.

The client is happy.  They now have an upgraded telephone system with many more features and benefits than they had previously, delivering far greater productivity and, they are spending far less money.