Want to make a connection? Think about how the other person might best receive your message. Realize also that messaging that contains emotions, gestures, or non-verbal language that can enhance their understanding and foster a meaningful human connection, leading to trust. Trust is where the magic happens.

We are now firmly in the Information Age with more facts and data in our hands, literally, than ever before. Overlay COVID-19 and our world looks completely different than even a year ago.

In business terms, working remotely, virtual meetings, unified communications, and Zoom/Teams/Slack et al, have in what seems like the blink of an eye, become part of our work parlance.

But what about the human connection? I have read articles by people whom I admire greatly, saying that nothing can replace face to face meetings to form a trusting relationship.

I have read opinions from others whom I also respect, saying that bonds can be developed in the same way as face to face, by virtual means if it is undertaken the right way.

My perspective is that there are many more opportunities to connect with people now. Let’s get out there and make a connection.