Critical Time to Manage Costs by Eliminating Waste 

We are all experiencing unprecedented economic challenges in our business now. In a time of falling revenues, managing operating costs is more critical than ever.

One of the most oft-overlooked yet simple places to reduce cost is in wireline and wireless communication. Here are four reasons costs can creep out of control:

  • Carrier billing errors including unused and disconnected lines or devices still billing*
  • Inappropriate use – e.g. using data to stream movies on a work device
  • Carrier rate increases for out of contract lines or devices
  • Obsolete or outdated technology

Even the most diligent of organizations can find their communications costs slipping out of control.
With over 30 years’ experience in reducing communications costs for business, we have developed a four phased approach to optimize your communications environment:

  1. Create an inventory of existing equipment and charges
    2. Identify errors, duplication and waste
    3. Assess cost reduction options
    4. Project Manage implementation of above measures

Recently, we reduced a large corporate client’s telecom costs by 30%, simply by eliminating waste.

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* analysis has shown over 60% of all carrier bills may contain errors